Shasta Elementary School Paraprofessional (7070)

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TitleShasta Elementary School Paraprofessional
Posting ID7070

Under direct supervision of a licensed teacher/Administrator, performs a variety of tasks assisting the teacher/Administrator in development of an instructional program by working with students individually or in small/large groups; prepare instruction materials, maintain classroom discipline and conduct planned activities using teacher-designated methods and materials. Must be highly qualified. Two years of study at an institution of higher education with the ability to provide transcripts showing 48 completed semester credits or 72 completed quarter credits, an Associate’s (or higher) degree, OR a passing score on the Praxis exam.

Physical ability to adhere to OSHA and district safety regulations. Work within the district’s communicable disease control plan (blood borne pathogens) and be aware of the existence and potential exposure to hazardous chemicals as identified on the MSDS sheets. Responsibilities include student safety and security. This position is considered a safety sensitive position.


1. Work with small groups of students to reinforce the material originally presented by the teacher.
2. Follow instructional plans provided by classroom teachers for small group instruction
3. Assist the classroom teacher with duties and the supervision of students and have a proven work ethic.
4. Clerical and record keeping tasks necessary to support the classroom teacher.
5. Ability to work with children, parents and school personnel. Must uphold the moral character as required of teachers.
6. Must maintain confidentiality when associated with the Klamath County School District.
7. Maintain accurate records for students within the paraprofessional’s instructional group.
8. Regular attendance is an essential function of this position.
9. Additional duties as assigned by Building Principal, teacher or designee.



5.25 Hours/Day

178 Days/Year



Shift TypeOther
Salary RangeHourly
LocationShasta Elementary School

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Start Date08/24/2020