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Job Listings
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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Regular Maintenance03/27/2017ClassifiedMaintenance ShopApply
Chiloquin Elementary School Principal03/27/2017AdministratorChiloquin Elementary SchoolApply
District Office Specialist II- Food Services/Warehouse/Transporation03/27/2017ClassifiedWarehouseApply
District Office Specialist I- Accounts Payable/Maintenance03/27/2017ClassifiedDistrict OfficeApply
Ferguson Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher03/27/2017TeacherFerguson Elementary SchoolApply
Gilchrist School Head Football Coach03/27/2017ClassifiedGilchrist SchoolApply
Bonanza School Secretary- Registrar03/27/2017ClassifiedBonanza Jr./Sr. High SchoolApply
Chiloquin Elementary School Paraprofessional- TAPP Grant- Temporary03/24/2017ClassifiedChiloquin Elementary SchoolApply
Chiloquin Elementary School Primary Teacher03/23/2017TeacherChiloquin Elementary SchoolApply
Mazama High School/Brixner Jr. High School Orchestra/Strings .5 Teacher03/21/2017TeacherMazama High SchoolApply
Gilchrist Elementary School Primary Teacher03/21/2017TeacherGilchrist SchoolApply
Gilchrist Elementary School Intermediate Teacher03/21/2017TeacherGilchrist SchoolApply
Falcon Heights Academy Talented and Gifted (TAG) Teacher03/21/2017TeacherFalcon Heights AcademyApply
Brixner Jr. High School Middle Level Mathematics Teacher03/21/2017TeacherBrixner Junior High SchoolApply
Gilchrist School Head Custodian03/21/2017ClassifiedGilchrist SchoolApply
Bonanza Jr./Sr. High School JV Boys Basketball Coach03/21/2017ClassifiedBonanza Jr./Sr. High SchoolApply
Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High School Special Education Teacher- Resource Room03/17/2017TeacherChiloquin Jr./Sr. High SchoolApply
Ferguson Elementary School Physical Education Teacher03/08/2017TeacherFerguson Elementary SchoolApply
Henley Middle School Language Arts Teacher03/08/2017TeacherHenley Middle SchoolApply
Bus Driver- Special Needs Route 81 Keno03/06/2017ClassifiedBus ShopApply
Paraprofessional – School Bus Assistant Route 8103/06/2017ClassifiedBus ShopApply
Mazama High School Language Arts Teacher03/06/2017TeacherMazama High SchoolApply
Henley High School Assistant Track Coach03/01/2017ClassifiedHenley High SchoolApply
Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High School Head Football Coach02/28/2017ClassifiedChiloquin Jr./Sr. High SchoolApply
Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High School Principal02/27/2017AdministratorChiloquin Jr./Sr. High SchoolApply
Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High School Spanish Teacher02/24/2017TeacherChiloquin Jr./Sr. High SchoolApply
Gilchrist School .5 Secondary Spanish/.5 English Language Arts Teacher02/24/2017TeacherGilchrist SchoolApply
Henley High School Head Volleyball Coach02/21/2017ClassifiedHenley High SchoolApply
Mazama High School Head Volleyball Coach01/18/2017ClassifiedMazama High SchoolApply
Gilchrist Bus Driver- Route 9 and Activity Route12/13/2016ClassifiedGilchrist SchoolApply
Gilchrist Bus Driver- Route 912/13/2016ClassifiedGilchrist SchoolApply
Bonanza Jr./Sr. High School Assistant Volleyball Coach12/02/2016ClassifiedBonanza Jr./Sr. High SchoolApply
Mazama High School Head Cross Country Coach11/29/2016ClassifiedMazama High SchoolApply
Mazama High School Assistant Football Coach11/29/2016ClassifiedMazama High SchoolApply
Speech-Language Pathologist07/07/2016TeacherDistrict OfficeApply
Paraprofessional Substitute09/10/2015ClassifiedOtherApply
Paraprofessional Substitute- School Bus Assistant02/19/2015ClassifiedOtherApply
Chiloquin Elementary School Paraprofessional Substitute Application01/15/2013ClassifiedChiloquin Elementary SchoolApply
Bus Driver Substitute Application01/15/2013ClassifiedBus ShopApply
Cafeteria Substitute Application01/15/2013ClassifiedFood ServicesApply
Licensed Substitute Teaching Application01/14/2013TeacherOtherApply